Piers Morgan: Replacing the King

CNN's Newest Host, winning Celebrity Apprentice, Elizabeth Taylor, his proudest career moment & a shocking answer to who he would interview - alive or dead.


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Since it was announced in September 2010 that British journalist Piers Morgan would take over the time slot vacated by CNN veteran Larry King, Americans have been eager to get to know the new host. We’d already seen Morgan on Britain’s Got Talent (who could forget that stunned expression when the world met Susan Boyle?), and tuned in for his winning run on Celebrity Apprentice. But watching him go toe-to-toe with the likes of Howard Stern, Oprah, Anthony Hopkins and Barbara Walters on his nightly broadcast, Piers Morgan Tonight, has been a new experience. Thanks to his 25-plus years as a journalist—including serving as editor in chief of the UK’s Daily Mirror, his work with the BBC and his ITV talk show, Piers Morgan’s Life Stories—Morgan has more than held his own. Here, it’s our turn to ask the tough questions.



What does no one know about Piers Morgan?

I'm related to Elizabeth Taylor (true!)


What's one career moment that you're most proud of?

Winning "Newspaper of the Year" at British Press Awards in 2002 for Daily Mirror coverage of 9/11. I was editor-in-chief.


What do you find to be an inspiring place to write questions?

I'm oddly creative in the shower.


If you could interview any famous person, living or dead, who would it be?

Hitler. I'd ask him: "Want one bullet or two?"


When did you realize you wanted to be a journalist?

While watching Frost/Nixon at age 12.


Who are your heroes?

Rupert Murdoch, Nelson Mandela, Freddie Flintoff.


Larry King had the suspenders, Ellen DeGeneres the dance moves. What is your signature stamp of Piers Morgan Tonight?

The British accent is all I need.


What are three ingredients of a successful interview?

Research, humor, spontaneity.


What is your greatest indulgence?

Chateau Latour 1961.


Celebrity Apprentice?

I really loved it. It showed how much of a competitor that we true Brits generally are. I really loved raising the money for the different charities. Those were proud moments.



And evil bitch who just won’t go away. She’s worst than a cockroach. How does this evil person continue to get recurring 15 minutes of fame when she truly is a no body?