Miguel  | Proving he's a Sure Thing!

Miguel Jontel Pimented won't rest now.







With hits like; all I want is you, sure thing & quickie why would he?


If I said the name Miguel Jontel Pimentel you might look at me funny. Many would not know who I was talking about. However, those who have been following him for the last several years in Southern California, would not have a problem knowing this is the young talented recording artist who simply goes by Miguel these day. With his first three releases from his CD, All I Want Is You, Miguel songs can all be found atop Billboard Music's charts.

From having surreal moments on stage to seeing his name on an albums; that he's pour his heart into, Miguel is a quick rising star with notable songs like All I Want Is You, Sure Thing to his latest and current hit Quickie. Breaking out at the BET Awards this past June I caught up with Miguel to rundown what is it like to be the next IT in the music world.  "Working really hard for a long time, I am finally happy to have a product that fans can put their hands on," he goes on to tell me how honored he is each time he is able to perform his music in front of any crowd, especially his fans.

Having been in the industry since the age of 13, Miguel has dealt with his fair share of rejection. Like any other artist who is finally see the rewards for all their enduring hard work Miguel now feels blessed, "... seems like all the hard work has paid off, ... in becoming an over night success." Many would say this is exactly what it is but Miguel would beg to differ. His hard core fans have been with him over the years watching him pound it out; day in and day out and now finally arriving to this point.  Now with his 25th birthday approaching with just more than a month away he feels like he is more prepare for the business, then say when he was 21. Learning life lessons along the way has help him stay focused and grounded in and out of the industry, "I've just become more stable as a man... the lessons I have learned have truly helped me to be thankful and blessed of what I have today." Not being the most patience person, Miguel has learned that hard work and patience go a long way in this business. "I can barely wait for an order at a fast food drive thru spot. But I have had to learn to endure." Currently at the beginning of his marathon, he tells me he has a long way to go, and that he is just a young guy with lots more to share with the world and his fans. " I have lots to prove to myself [fans] and the critics...", Miguel is in it for the long haul.

So what is next? Miguel's main focus is now helping people connect with his songs, especial the song [All I Want Is You]. Many people know the song but don't know the face. "I just love to perform, so over the next few months I will be performing everywhere putting a face to my music." Heading on tour with Trey Songz and Usher, Miguel's plans don't have him resting anytime soon, "I'm hungry and I have plenty of work to put in and to share."

Any last words? "Umm... I would like to thank all my fans... be yourself,  be fly and live life... Peace! Oh and I see you rock the scarves too."

FYI: Miguel Jontel Pimentel was born in California. He is one of two sons born to a Mexican father and an African American mother. Miguel's parents divorced when he was eight years old. At a young age, Miguel listened to classic rock, hip hop, funk and rhythm and blues. At the age of 5, Miguel originally wanted to become a dancer, inspired by Michael Jackson. By age 13, he began pursuing a career in music and it sure looks like he's made a wise choice.

Side Note on Quickie: “Quickie,” a roots-reggae influenced fantasy of a one-night stand Miguel wrote after watching a mystery woman wind at the club. “‘Quickie’” is a really special record for me because marks my personal renaissance. Up until then, I was known as the great guy, the little brother that girls would come to for advice,” he explains. “But there was something about that night—maybe it was because I was underage at an over-21 venue doing adult things—that opened me up. I went home under the influence of alcohol and inspiration and I wrote.”

Check out this video DR!P Magazine's publisher, Andre Jacob shot while flying to Los Angeles for MTV's 2011 VMAs. Quickie!



This video was actually shot 55,000 feet above western North American on an early morning Continental Airliine flight from Houston to Los Angeles for the 2011 MTV VMAs. Music provided by Miguel.