Ivanka Trump: Breaks New Ground

If you are the daughter of one of the richest men in the world what would that be like? We sat with Ivanka Trump, Penn graduate, businesswoman, reality television, socialite, heiress, fashion model and it doesn't stop there.


As the Trump Organization's executive vice president of development and acquisitions, Ivanka Trump is responsible for everything from financing to interior design for her family’s namesake hotel collection, including Trump Soho, which features the city’s only luxury hammam. “The tiles, the stones and the colors all reflect a mix of New World sophistication with traditional Middle Eastern elements,” she says. But the 29-year-old’s entrepreneurial reach extends far beyond her corporate office in Trump Tower. In 2007 she launched the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry collection, followed by design partnerships for footwear and handbag lines. And that’s on top of appearing on Celebrity Apprentice; publishing her first book, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life; volunteering with the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Initiative, a program designed to increase awareness about adolescent girls in developing countries; and giving birth to daughter Arabella Rose this past July, with her husband, publishing magnate Jared Kushner. Trump Soho, 246 Spring St., 212-842-5500


What sets the Trump Soho apart from other Trump properties?

Sophistication, quality and luxury are the cornerstones of the Trump brand. At Trump Soho, we envisioned a modern translation of these concepts, which we felt was more fitting to the downtown market. The property was designed by Handel Architects with interiors by the Rockwell Group and custom furnishings by Fendi Casa; three top tier brand which are a great fit with both the contemporary feel of the hotel and the elegance of the Trump brand.


The Spa at Trump is considered one of the city’s most decadent. What is your personal favorite treatment?

My personal favorite treatments are the Turkish or Moroccan Hammam treatments followed by a Classic Trump Swedish massage and also the Kate Sommerville facial.


It seems like quite a coincidence that Trump Hotel Collection just announced a “Babymoon” package. Did your pregnancy come into play when creating this mommy-to-be retreat?

Not entirely a coincidence! As you can imagine, pregnancy has been on my mind for a while now. It's one thing to be in the comfort of your own home, but it can be a challenge while traveling. I wanted our hotels to take those extra measures that make a woman feel special and comfortable, such as special pillows, prenatal spa treatments, and fresh, healthy beverage choices, all of which are included in our Babymoon Package.


What book is on your bedside table right now?

Every New Mom and a child development book, Under the Sun (plus a stack of work related reading).


What three things must you always travel with?

iPad, laptop and Ivanka Trump Magnoli Ballet Flats.


What it like being on the NBC hit Apprentice with your dad?

It's good. Each season we actually sit though all the applications that NBC gets and to finally see them on the show is nice. Working with my dad is a pleasure. We are so much alike. Most of the time I am thinking in my head what he is about to say and sure enough it comes out of him mouth.





You wrote a book. Did you author it all? What was it like writing this book?

Every sentence. This was one book [The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life] that I got to just sit back and let loose. I give the reader a side of me they never really get to see. I have a funny side [sense of humor], but I make it very appealing, informative... I try to get people to believe in their selves and that if they have good work ethnics they will and can make it in life.


What keep you from being another Paris Hilton?

I think it started with how I was raised. My dad started with very little, educated himself and took that knowledge and made good on it. He stressed education. the bar in our home was high and early on we were given on the job training; even seeing the failures helped us [Donald Jr., & Eric]. We were never given anything. We had to make good on what my dad did give... opportunity. In America we all have that. What we do with it is everyone option. I think because my parents stressed the importance of taking advantage of your opportunities, it made a difference in how I did not turn out [like Paris].


OK. Let's end on a lighter note. Your tall.